You are the "Business"

While having a divine conversation the other day with a friend...


Me: What exactly is it that you want to do with your business? I've seen some of the things you have created and stitched by hand. They're incredible!

Her: Thanks, yea I really love designing my own custom pieces and they do very well. 

Me: I think that's because YOU do them. 

Her: What do you mean?

Me: What separates your clothing brand from everyone else?7

Her: I don't know. Maybe its my personality?

Me: No, YOU are what makes your brand special. Their is only one YOU!...

In an era ran by social media, we often find ourselves thinking extremely hard on how to be unique and different. But why? We are different! There is no other you on the planet and all you simply have to do is to be YOURSELF. But who are you? WHO ARE YOU?